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How to Stop Spending Money Like a Fool – 5 Easy Steps!

how to stop spending money


A massive part of becoming debt free is controlling your spending habits.  It’s easy to say, but incredibly difficult to actually do.

Back when we were in debt, spending money without thought was normal.  We bought what we wanted, regardless of whether we could afford it or not.  Spending money thoughtlessly was intertwined into our DNA. Continue reading

Stuffed Apple Pie Cupcakes Recipe

apple pie cupcake


When someone says dessert, one of the first items that comes to mind is apple pie, and for good reason!  It’s a damn American treasure.

The only problem with apple pie is that it’s sort of a pain to make… Continue reading

Emergency Fund: How Much Should You Save While In Debt

How big should your emergency fund be while you're in debt


There’s something incredibly disconcerting about completing a zero-based budget and then sending all of your extra cash towards your debt.

It’s not that repaying debt is uncomfortable.  It’s the fact that you’re not saving money anymore.  Even though you’re making incredible financial progress, every time you purge your bank account in the name of debt payments…it feels like you jumped out of a plane without a parachute. Continue reading

Get Out of Debt: 7 Keys to Stop Thinking About It & Just Do It!

how to jump start your debt free pay off plan


It’s guest post Friday!!  Today, I’m excited to have a post from My Best Friend The Money Guy.   Dale shares the necessary steps to stop planning and start doing!  As someone who suffers from “paralysis by analysis” this post would have been extremely helpful when we first started our debt free journey!

Dale is a California native with a passion to help others conquer the personal finance game and become debt free.  Dale is going to detail the steps needed to not only start your debt free journey, but to crush it! Continue reading

Strawberry Filled Chocolate Cupcake

strawberry filled chocolate cupcake


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s time to show your loved one that you care.  I’m not sure if you know this or not, but the best way to do that is with a delicious cupcake.

If you’re a perfectionist, then you’ll want to make this strawberry filled chocolate cupcake!  It’s quite literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever created.  I know… it sounds intense, but holy cow… it’s good. Continue reading

What Do You Do After You Pay Off Your Student Loans

what comes after paying off your student loans


I’m really excited to have a guest post from The Frugal Wallet.  I’ve been following their story for sometime and when they reached out to me about a potential guest post, I was beyond excited to learn what happens once you pay off your student loans.

When Mollie and Lejla  look in their rear view mirror, they see tremendous debt. $130k of student loans, 5 figure consumer credit debt, and a mortgage that would make some cry. The realization that life was passing them by without spending time doing what they wanted to do, rather than what they NEEDED to do was enough to spark a change. Continue reading

The Sassy Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake

chocolate cupcake strawberry buttercream cupcake on a wood table


Yaaaassss, it’s time for another chocolate cupcake variation.  Dim the lights, get some wine, turn on some soft music, and get ready to learn about the sassy chocolate covered strawberry cupcake.

As you can tell, we love our foundation chocolate cupcake recipe.  We’ve used it before, and will continue to use it for many recipes to come!

Sure, sure… You probably have your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe.  I’m sure it’s good, it’s just… this one is better!   😉 Continue reading

The Most Amazing Chocolate Cupcake You’ll Ever Eat

Chocolate Cupcake Chocolate Buttercream


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream… Holy moly cupcake is a one two combo to your taste buds (pow pow).

If you’re a chocolate cupcake lover, this recipe will bring you great joy (you’re welcome Marie Kondo). Continue reading

Why Your Debt Snowball Failed and How to Fix It Fast

did your debt snowball fail


Starting and completing the debt snowball are wildly different things.  A lot of people start their debt free journey with enthusiasm, and most end up wondering why their debt snowball failed…

They are left confused, angry, and defeated.  If you find yourself in that situation, you need to not only read this page…you need to book mark it. Continue reading

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