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10 Best Frugal New Years Eve Extravaganza Ideas

10 frugal new years eve party ideas

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Planning a frugal New Year’s Eve party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!  The big day is rapidly approaching and your time to plan is diminishing… rapidly!

A frugal New Year’s Eve party is the best kept secret…even your friends coming to the party won’t know it’s a frugal extravaganza!

New Year’s Eve is expensive… dinner, movie, bar tab, and taxi/Uber…  You can easily drop a few hundred dollars just to wake up with a headache in the morning.

If you’re on a budget, you can throw an amazing party that will leave your friends talking for all of 2019!

Host the Frugal New Year’s Eve Party:

Going out on New Year’s is a sure fire way to destroy your budget.  Dinner, drinks, cab, entertainment… the bill can easily get out of control.

This is exacerbated by the fact that when folks drink, they tend to spend way more money than they would if they were sober.

Don’t let your budget get destroyed by impaired decision making and inflated prices!!

Hosting a frugal New Year’s Eve party will allow you to control the expenses and drastically reduce the risk of overspending!

Bonus: Not only will you be helping control your own spending, you’ll also be helping your friends and family by protecting their wallets as well!

Let’s look at some great frugal New Year’s Eve party ideas!

Frugal New Year’s Eve Food

A good party ALWAYS has great food, and your frugal New Year’s Eve party won’t be any different!  There isn’t way around that, and these tips will ensure your party is B.A.D. ass.

Appetizer Pot Luck

Who doesn’t love appetizers?  Buffalo chicken dip, jalapeno poppers, mini bacon wrapped sausages, chicken wings, sliders, and the list goes on…

As you can tell, I have an affinity for appetizers!  They are easy to eat a party and they’re freaking delicious.  That, my friends, is a delicious win-win.

To set this up, ask your party guests to create their favorite appetizer to share with everyone.  You might want to ask folks to let you know what they’re bringing to prevent everyone from showing up with the same thing.

Better yet, let’s make this a healthy competition!  Whoever brings the BEST appetizer goes home with a door prize.

I don’t care if I’m competing for an expired box of toiletries from Aunt Carol, that prize is mine.

Create Your Own Pizza Night

long stem wine glasses

Besides appetizers, my next favorite treat would be pizza.  Creating a pizza bar isn’t hard at all.  You’ll need a few items to make the dough and some toppings.

We love to make our own dough, and it’s not hard… but it’s a bit time consuming and you might not want to take that on.  Which is fine.  There are other pre-made options out there.

Trader Joe’s Ready to Bake Pizza Dough:  $1.79 (depending on location)

Pillsbury Canned Pizza Dough:  $2.89 (depending on location)

Wholly Gluten-Free Pizza Dough $7.89 (depending on location)

As much as I love making my own pizza dough from scratch, I doubt I’d want to take that on during a party.  It’d be a mess and it’d stress me out.  For under $10, you can make a lot of pizza with the options above!

To help reduce the cost and involve your party goers, you could ask them to bring their favorite pizza topping as well!  This wouldn’t be a huge burden and your guests might show up with some interesting toppings!

Bring a Local Brew/Wine

Micro-brewery’s and vineyards are all the rage in 2018.  Not only are they super popular, they tend to be super delicious too!

If your friends are anything like mine, they each have their own unique taste in beer or wine. Trying to please everyone would surely cost hundreds of dollars, and even then you might end up buying beer or wine that some folks don’t like…

Why bring that kind of stress into this glorious frugal New Year’s Eve celebration?  Go home Satan! 

If each guest bring a bottle of their favorite win or a six pack of their favorite beer, the cost would be minimal for all and the selection would be amazing!

BYOB isn’t cheap… it’s practical!

Asking your friends to bring some food and wine/beer isn’t going to break their bank.  You might be asking them to invest $30 or less.

This is still a huge savings when you consider that a typical meal out costs most than that for one person!

New Year’s Eve Entertainment

Entertaining your party goers doesn’t have to be stressful, or expensive.  These tips will create a fun, light-hearted party… and they won’t break your budget.

And besides, if the entertainment is your Cousin Ronny drunkenly hogging the karaoke machine and scream singing Twisted Sister all night… your friends will make their 2019 resolution to never attend one of your parties again.

Some of the tips are definitely adult oriented, so tread lightly with the board games!

Festive Fun Frugal New Years Party Ideas

Frugal New Year’s Eve Movie Marathon

Is there a better way to reminisce about 2018 than to watch the most popular movies released?  I think not!

The best thing about a movie is that it can play in the background while folks chit chat and it will help keep the attention of any little ones who are present (assuming the movies are appropriate!).

Knowing that everyone has a slightly different taste in movies, you could ensure everyone has something they enjoy by asking them to suggest their favorite movie of the past year.

Another option in this digital world would be to create a poll on FB or Twitter where your friends vote on their favorite movies.  Majority rules!

Once you know what the most popular movies are, head over to Red Box and pick ’em up!

Easy Peasy!

Karaoke With A Frugal New Year’s Eve Twist

This one might take off after a few bottles of wine are consumed, and it’ll be awesome when it does!

Karaoke is fun for a few reasons.  Some folks like to sing, and some folks like to watch people who can (and cant’) sing!

Make the playlist ONLY songs released in 2018.  Take a vocal journey back throughout the year and see who can carry a tune.  This would also be a great way to get Cousin Ronny off the mic from reliving his glory days full of permed hair and white leather jackets.

Hopefully someone can sing at the party, but even if they can’t…everyone will have fun laughing along with each other.

I have a great friend who loves to sing.  The worst part is, he can’t sing… at all.  Like Cousin Ronny and his “shoulda won State in ’83” speech, my friend does not waiver from confidently scream singing his truth into the mic.  

His energy tends to be contagious and it instantly spreads to everyone in the room.  Before we know it, everyone is belting their favorite tunes.  Good times!

Frugal New Year’s Memory Game

Put a unique twist on your party by asking everyone to write down their favorite memory from 2018.  Put all of the memories in a hat, mix them up, and then draw out entries randomly.

As you read them aloud, ask your friends to list out which memory belongs to which person.  The person with the most correct matches gets the prize.

The prize can be anything.  Whatever you know your friends will enjoy, and also something that won’t break the bank for you!

This game is a type of ice-breaker as well.  Once the game ends, it will allow your friends to begin to chat about their memory.

I would suggest this game if not everyone knows each other well at your party.  It’s a sure-fire way to reduce those awkward moments when no one knows what to talk about.

I’m terrible with small talk, and this would reduce my anxiety tremendously!

Video Game Night

It’s 2018… there isn’t a need for board games anymore.  Well, ok… I still love a good board game, but there are some other really cool game options out there.

Games like Mario Kart, Guitar Hero and Rock Band are some fun and entertaining games for your friends to play.

You’ll need a console for the game, but if you don’t fret if you don’t have one.  I’m sure one of your friends has a console and renting the games via Red Box is super frugal too.

If you’re looking to purchase some games, I’d recommend the following party games:

Mario Kart Wii

Wii Party

Wii Sports

Super Smash Bro, Brawl

Nintendo Wii has a lot of interactive games you can play against your friends.  It can get pretty competitive though!  Tread lightly!

Adult Board Game Night

As much as I love video games, I still really enjoy playing board or card games with friends.  Board games may also play into your frugal New Year’s Eve party theme.  The only downside is my wife is wicked competitive…

She’s the kind of person who giggles when she bankrupts you while playing Monopoly.

She’s a sweet person… except when she’s playing a board game… Ruthless!

I’ve never seen her happier than when she is slowly bleeding money out of everyone else on the board… and you cringe as you slowly move your piece across the board and see her pile of rentals on Pennsylvania Avenue.

She’ll bake you cookies and tell you that you’re pretty, but she will take all of your money and eat your soul without flinching if given the opportunity in Monopoly.  You’ve been warned. 

There are a lot of adult board games out there too that are amazing.

Games like:

Cards Against Humanity:  This is one of the most popular games around. It has over 32,000 reviews on Amazon!!  This is one of those games that never gets old because there are so many cards available.

The Voting Game:  You’ll really get to know your friends with this game.  The premise of this game is you’ll ask a question and then everyone will vote on who they think best fits the bill.

Questions like “who would win a hot dog eating contest” or “who clogs the toilet at a friend’s house and doesn’t say anything” are sure to get everyone laughing!

Apples to Apples:  Looking for a game that equalizes everyone at the table? This is the one for you!  The purpose of the game is to play as many “red” apple cards.  The judge of the round will play a “green” apple card (normally an adjective) and the rest of the table wants to quickly play their red card (usually a noun) that best describes it.  It’s less risqué than some of the above selections, but still a good time!

It’s Midnight!

The point of this party is to ring in the New Year with your closest friends, so what will you do at midnight?  Having a plan to ring in will point an exclamation point on your night!

Planning something fun at midnight doesn’t have to put a frownie face on your account.  After all, what’s the point in dropping $100 on items that will only be used once?

Pick up some party supplies from your local dollar general (noise makers, streamers, balloons, party hats, those cool 2019 sunglasses) and pass them out as the countdown begins.

Although it’s probably too late now… you can find a lot of discounted New Year’s Eve supplies after January 1st

You might as well start to plan for your 2019 frugal New Year’s Eve extravaganza!  Head out on January 2nd and pick up next year’s supplies.  Just don’t forget where you store them!!

Final Word 

The tips above will certainly help you throw a B.A.D. ass frugal New Year’s Eve party that won’t break your budget.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t stress.  You’re going to be surrounded by friends and family as you ring in the New Year.  If you provide some good food, drinks, and fun, the party will be a hit.

The last win of the year will be the fact that you start the New Year without a financial hangover from a night on the town!

Let us know in the comments what you’re planning to do this New Year’s Eve!

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