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50/30/20 Budget Plan Is Stealing Your Money

50/30/20 budget plan is stealing your money


The 50/30/20 budget plan is incredibly common.  You can’t search budget on Pinterest and not stumble upon a handful of pins touting its effectiveness.

If you blindly followed the masses you’d be swooned by the ease the 50/30/20 budget plan touts.  Does the fact it’s easy to use make it perfect? Continue reading

Budgeting For Beginners Made Quick And Easy

pink piggy bank


Who wants to talk about budgeting for beginners?!  (crowd boos)

Yea, yea… I know.  Budgeting gets a bad rap.  It didn’t do anything wrong… people just tend to associate budgeting with a life of misery and deprivation. Continue reading

New Year’s Money Resolutions That’ll Change Your Life

5 new years money resolutions that will change your life


As the clock strikes 12:00 on New Year’s Day, most people are swearing off carbs or giving up smoking.

New Year’s resolutions are made and given up at a blistering pace.  Finding someone who actually follows through on never eating a carb again is as rare as a real Sasquatch sighting.

Don’t give up carbs this year, give up poor financial habits!  Make New Year’s money resolutions this year! Continue reading

How To Recover From Overspending This Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Holy shit!  Has Christmas shopping totally destroyed your budget?  For years and years, my wife and I would set a “limit” on our Christmas spending.

I put “limit” in quotes because neither one of us paid any attention to it.  I’d become obsessed with buying every possible item I thought she’d like. Continue reading

Overlooked Money Leaks That Can Steal Your Cash

Stop Losing Money Every Month

Don’t forget to PIN this!

Money leaks are silent, ninja like assassins of your pay check.  Slowly sucking you dry, leaving you in a state of financial bewilderment.  Where did our money go?  We haven’t bought anything! Continue reading

Budgeting Saved Us $2,900 a Month

Budgeting saved us 2,900Don’t forget to PIN this!

Budgeting… The Wrong Way

Recently I found some of my old budgeting tools and excel sheets.  For years I had assumed I was good with money and that by writing a few bills down on paper I was budgeting… Continue reading

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