Budgeting Money

100 Money Quotes to Keep You Wildly Motivated

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100 money quotes

Whether you’re chasing debt freedom, financial freedom, or just looking to start your first budget… you’re going to need long lasting motivation and discipline to stay the course. Money quotes have always been a great source of motivation for me as we navigated our debt free journey, and now I still find myself reading quotes […]

Pay Off Debt

10 Steps To Get Out Of Debt Fast

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I’m excited to have a great guest post today from Dr. Breathe Easy! Dr. Breathe Easy is a pulmonary and critical care physician… and also a great debt slayer. I’ve been fortunate to get to know him over the past few months and I couldn’t wait until he had time to send a post my […]

Avoiding Debt

Saying NO Is The Key To Debt Freedom

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Saying NO to a friend or family member can feel like a high wire exercise.  Will drawing a line in the sand break the relationship, or cause long lasting hurt feelings? We cloak our fear with friendship and begrudgingly agree to do a lot of shit that is detrimental to our financial health. Why do […]