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Nanny’s Orange Drop Cookies

Orange drop cookies on a marble counter


Do you have a favorite food that takes you back to a specific time in your life? Or makes you remember someone special?

These Orange Drop cookies give me those EXACT warm and fuzzies! My grandmother was an avid baker and cook that lived during a time when everything was homemade, and pre-packaged crescent roll dough was an urban legend. Continue reading

Quick and Delicious Baked Apple Cinnamon Donuts

glazed apple cinnamon donuts on a marble counter


Apple Cinnamon Donuts, do-nuts, DO-nuts, do-NUTS…..donuts……


It’s New Year’s Eve, and an emergency grocery trip has been called.  Sirens start screaming and the house enters a state of emergency.  Continue reading

Christmas: How to spend $0 and be happy


Ah, Christmas…  Who doesn’t love the holiday season?  As a kid I remember struggling to sleep on Christmas Eve, staring at the clock all night… waiting for a moderately appropriate time to sneak downstairs to see how many gifts were under the tree. Continue reading

How to Make Homemade Shrimp Tempura Sushi

shrimp tempura sushi

Who doesn’t love sushi?!  Personally, I used to be disgusted at the thought of sushi.  Luckily, I tried it and instantly fell in love!! Continue reading

Sadness: How To Prevent It From Stealing Your Money

He's sad, I'm sad, Let's buy some stuff!

Some days I’m just sad… Holy shit, I said it!  As a 33 year old man, I’ve spent the vast majority of my life hiding my emotions from the world. Continue reading

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

Living in middle-of-no-where Ohio has its pros and cons.  I absolutely love the peace and quiet out here.  I love how nice my neighbors are and also, how few of them exist!  The cons… everything is so FAR AWAY and there aren’t many “hip” local things to do.  When friends come to visit I never feel like I have fun places to take them that aren’t an hour away.

Continue reading

The Quest for the Perfect Aldi’s Pizza Crust

Pizza is one of, if not my favorite food.  I could eat it daily…  Actually, I WOULD eat it daily if I wasn’t trying to maintain a decent level of physical condition.  My wife and I relocated a few years ago and we have not been able to find a really good local pizza shop.  I mean… there aren’t many “bad” pizzas BUT, there are FAR fewer GOOD pizzas and I’m tired of spending $25+ on so-so pizza. Continue reading

How Happiness Is Ruining Your Life

Show of hands, who wants to be happy?

(scans room)

Ok, well… it appears everyone wants to be happy!  The next question is more difficult.  Are you actually happy?  Like right now, are you happy? Continue reading

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