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10 Best Ways To Cry About A Bear Market

10 hilarious ways to cry about a bear market


We’ve entered a bear market…  Investment portfolios are crumbling like your fitness resolutions on January 12th.
Every news channel is projecting certain economic doom for the country.  You’re financial life is evaporating before your eyes… or so it seems.

We haven’t seen times like this since 2008, and it seems a bear market can be a real dick.  No matter how you spin it, it’s hard to find the silver lining when every news outlet is convincing you that your financial life is over. Continue reading

New to Investing? These 5 Steps Will Help You Succeed!

investing for beginners 5 tips for investment success

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I’m super excited to have a guest post from Riley Adams of Young and the Invested.  Riley is a a senior financial analyst for a fortune 500 company.  Besides having an impressive resume, he’s also a kick ass dude.  I’ve had the great pleasure to chat with him quite a few times since I began this blog.

Get a beer, settle in, and prepare to have an abundance of financial wisdom dropped upon you!! Continue reading

An Asshole’s Guide to Massive Corporate Success

Asshole's guide to massive corporate success

(Caution:  The post below may be offensive to established corporate “players”.  If you feel burned, apply ice and take a cold shower)

Corporate America is a dirty, dirty world.  

Millions of Americans are entrenched in the mind numbing world of corporate America.  Missing their families, crying in the bathroom stall, and being forced to listen to Margaret talk about her new cat.

Continue reading

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