Free Budget Template!

Hey Folks!!

  I wanted to share my custom excel budget template with everyone.  Take a peek (it’s free!) and let me know what you think!!  


Blank Budget Template (54 downloads)


So, the budget works like this:

Main Tab: 

This is where I keep track of all our bills.  It will auto calculate them and if you put in your monthly income, it will auto-subtract to show you what you “should” have left.

Savings/Debt Tab: 

I’m a visual person so, when we were paying off our debt, I liked to see the total drop per month.  Now, as we save, I like to see it increase each month.  It also helps motivate K as she sees progress over time mapped out.  You can delete if you wish.

Budget tabs: Just copy the tab each pay period

You’ll enter your income in B3.  You’ll then enter all of your bills per budget in column H.  This will be how much you expect to pay for any singular item.
For example… Groceries, as you actually buy them, you’ll just put how much you spent in Column N.  This will auto-populate the amount paid in column I and subtract from your planned amount.  If you go over, the amount remaining turns red. The one thing I can figure out is how to make the planned amount change to the actual spent IF you go over…so, I just change it manually if we miss a budget item.  The same for any named items in column L.  You can change the names as you see fit.
As you punch in your planned data, you’ll see your amount remaining change as well.  This is just a format of B3-B5.  Nothing crazy with the formats.
As you spend money, the “actual remaining” cell change automatically.  This should match your bank account as you go.
The cells are not locked so, you can delete or change formats as you wish.
Happy Budgeting!!