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Budgeting For Beginners Made Quick And Easy

pink piggy bank


Who wants to talk about budgeting for beginners?!  (crowd boos)

Yea, yea… I know.  Budgeting gets a bad rap.  It didn’t do anything wrong… people just tend to associate budgeting with a life of misery and deprivation. Continue reading

10 Best Ways To Cry About A Bear Market

10 hilarious ways to cry about a bear market


We’ve entered a bear market…  Investment portfolios are crumbling like your fitness resolutions on January 12th.
Every news channel is projecting certain economic doom for the country.  You’re financial life is evaporating before your eyes… or so it seems.

We haven’t seen times like this since 2008, and it seems a bear market can be a real dick.  No matter how you spin it, it’s hard to find the silver lining when every news outlet is convincing you that your financial life is over. Continue reading

New Year’s Money Resolutions That’ll Change Your Life

5 new years money resolutions that will change your life


As the clock strikes 12:00 on New Year’s Day, most people are swearing off carbs or giving up smoking.

New Year’s resolutions are made and given up at a blistering pace.  Finding someone who actually follows through on never eating a carb again is as rare as a real Sasquatch sighting.

Don’t give up carbs this year, give up poor financial habits!  Make New Year’s money resolutions this year! Continue reading

How To Quickly and Frugally Decorate Your Home!

white couch with pink pillow and white pillow


I remember how exciting it was when my wife and I bought our first home.  Walking into that old farm house was overwhelming.  How will we ever fill this place up?

As we moved in it became readily apparent that we didn’t have nearly enough time, money or furniture to fill this house.  The need to frugally decorate became our reality. Continue reading

10 Best Frugal New Years Eve Extravaganza Ideas

10 frugal new years eve party ideas


This post contains Amazon Affiliate links

Planning a frugal New Year’s Eve party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!  The big day is rapidly approaching and your time to plan is diminishing… rapidly!

A frugal New Year’s Eve party is the best kept secret…even your friends coming to the party won’t know it’s a frugal extravaganza! Continue reading

Keeping Up With The Joneses Is Destroying Your Life

Keeping up with the joneses is a money disaster

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Recently at work, one of my coworkers approached me about her finances.  She started talking about how her husband’s 401k had been taking a beating.

I laughed and said “Yea”…we’ve been trying to not pay attention to the market because we recently started to invest a lot post tax and it sucks knowing you’re losing money temporarily.

Out of the blue, she comes back with, “How much do you invest each month, WAIT… that was rude.”  I literally laughed out loud and said, “No, no it’s ok… I actually love talking about this stuff”. Continue reading

How To Recover From Overspending This Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Holy shit!  Has Christmas shopping totally destroyed your budget?  For years and years, my wife and I would set a “limit” on our Christmas spending.

I put “limit” in quotes because neither one of us paid any attention to it.  I’d become obsessed with buying every possible item I thought she’d like. Continue reading

New to Investing? These 5 Steps Will Help You Succeed!

investing for beginners 5 tips for investment success

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I’m super excited to have a guest post from Riley Adams of Young and the Invested.  Riley is a a senior financial analyst for a fortune 500 company.  Besides having an impressive resume, he’s also a kick ass dude.  I’ve had the great pleasure to chat with him quite a few times since I began this blog.

Get a beer, settle in, and prepare to have an abundance of financial wisdom dropped upon you!! Continue reading

An Asshole’s Guide to Massive Corporate Success

Asshole's guide to massive corporate success

(Caution:  The post below may be offensive to established corporate “players”.  If you feel burned, apply ice and take a cold shower)

Corporate America is a dirty, dirty world.  

Millions of Americans are entrenched in the mind numbing world of corporate America.  Missing their families, crying in the bathroom stall, and being forced to listen to Margaret talk about her new cat.

Continue reading

December Net-Worth Update

CPR dummy

December Net-Worth Update

November started off rough, the market continues to move down with the “correction.”  Even though it made me a bit uncomfortable, we continue to stuff our 401k and Vanguard brokerage account.

Continue reading

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