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How To Become A Debt Slaying Super Robot


debt free super robot

So, you’re in debt… You want to get outta debt, but you don’t know where to start…

I hear you… I was once there a few years ago, and I felt hopeless.

What I came to learn was that getting out of debt isn’t really that hard.  Making the long lasting lifestyle changes is the real challenge.

If you’re serious about kicking debt to the curb, then you need to turn into a… (dramatic music)

Debt Slaying Super Robot from the Future Continue reading

The 5 BEST Books to Help You Get Out of Debt

The 5 Best Personal Finance Books to Gift this Christmas

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The holiday season is upon us.  Food, friends, family and GIFTS!  Spending an exuberant amount on holiday gifts was the norm in my house as a child.

That habit followed me into adulthood.  I’d wildly overspend on gifts and end up with a financial hangover that’d last for months into the New Year. Continue reading

Is Buying Land The Right Thing To Do?

Can you get rich buying raw land

Owning land has always been a dream of mine and, over the past few years, my wife has jumped on board as well.

In 2016, we purchased a 52 acre property with an updated home.  Total cost, $325,000.  Honestly, that’s super cheap when you look at what $325,000 can buy you elsewhere.  In some places, it’s not much! Continue reading

Dogs and Debt Are a Terrible Combo


We don’t have any human kids, and we treat our dogs like our babies.  If you find that weird or annoying, that’s cool.  I’d probably think your human kids were annoying… So… Continue reading

Overlooked Money Leaks That Can Steal Your Cash

Stop Losing Money Every Month

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Money leaks are silent, ninja like assassins of your pay check.  Slowly sucking you dry, leaving you in a state of financial bewilderment.  Where did our money go?  We haven’t bought anything! Continue reading

The Stupid Simple Reasons People Don’t Invest in the Stock Market

Rule number one don't lose money rule number 2 don't forget rule number one - warren buffett


“Rule number one: Don’t lose money. Rule number two: Don’t forget rule number one.”

-Warren Buffett-

The great Warren Buffett has made billions by investing in the stock market, and one of his most famous quotes is relating to the fear of losing money.

Let’s sit and think about that for a second… One of the richest people in the world appears to have a fear of losing money…

How does this translate to the average, financially illiterate Joe?  “Jesus, If that dude is worried about losing money, I better just stay out of that roller coaster of a market.” Continue reading

How to Talk Money with Your Honey

how to talk about money with your spouse

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It’s a pretty common story to hear that one person in a household is the saver, and one is the spender.

Or, one person is trying really hard to get control of their family’s money, and the other person is out there just blindly buying crap because…“you can’t take it with ya”. Continue reading

How to Make Paying Off Debt Fun

how to crush baby step 2 and still have fun

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It’s crazy to think that we’ve been debt-free for 7 months or so.  I remember thinking this shit was impossible.

We didn’t have much of a community around us when we were paying off our debt, we just kinda quietly did it.

Anyone who we did tell, looked at us like we had 10 heads, because… YOLO, right? Continue reading

Are Credit Card Rewards Worth The Risks?

mouse trap

I used to be a huge Dave Ramsey fan.  We were trying to pay off our consumer debt and his messaged hooked me.

Dave says to pay off your credit cards and cancel them… so, that’s exactly what we did. Continue reading

How to Write Amazing Debt Free SMART Goals


Whether you’re chasing financial freedom, or striving to become debt free, debt free goals are going to be your ticket to success! Continue reading

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