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The Simple Way We Saved a Ton of Money



It wasn’t long ago that I thought the only way to have more money was to beat the game that is corporate America.  I figured my life would just have to improve on an annual basis.

We were drowning in $109,000 of debt and needed to find a way to save money so that we could throw it at baby step 2.  We needed more money… and we assumed that our salaries would just increase annually.

That’s assuming that we earned and received a raise that at least matched the current inflation rate.  Continue reading

Being Frugal Changed My Life

How a frugal lifestyle changed our lives


Recently, I was sitting around a fire drinking a beer with my best friend and the topic of early retirement fueled by a frugal lifestyle came up.  He doesn’t know this blog exists, and he doesn’t know that my wife and I are on this bad-ass journey.  Continue reading

Debt-Free After 5 Life Changes

debt free after 5 life changes

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5 Habits We Changed to Become Debt-Free

The cold hard truth is that to become debt-free, it’s going to require life changes… There’s no way around it.  Our habits and life decisions created debt and we had to change those habits in order to become debt-free.  Continue reading

Budgeting Saved Us $2,900 a Month

Budgeting saved us 2,900Don’t forget to PIN this!

Budgeting… The Wrong Way

Recently I found some of my old budgeting tools and excel sheets.  For years I had assumed I was good with money and that by writing a few bills down on paper I was budgeting… Continue reading

2018 Milestones!!

Crush Your Goals!

In late March of 2018 (thanks to my bonus) we became consumer debt-free, and on Friday, August 17th my wife and I hit another milestone in 2018!  Continue reading

Wooly Pig Farm Brewery

Living in middle-of-no-where Ohio has its pros and cons.  I absolutely love the peace and quiet out here.  I love how nice my neighbors are and also, how few of them exist!  The cons… everything is so FAR AWAY and there aren’t many “hip” local things to do.  When friends come to visit I never feel like I have fun places to take them that aren’t an hour away.

Continue reading

Skipping Baby Step 6 Will Make You Rich

Skipping baby step 6 will make you rich


Dave Ramsey was pivotal in my life.  His book “The Total Money Makeover” changed the way I thought about personal finance, and it sparked our debt-free journey.  He has helped MILLIONS of people!  I’m not here to say I’m more intelligent than him, I’m not.

I’m here to explain why we’re skipping Baby Step 6.

Continue reading

The Quest for the Perfect Aldi’s Pizza Crust

Pizza is one of, if not my favorite food.  I could eat it daily…  Actually, I WOULD eat it daily if I wasn’t trying to maintain a decent level of physical condition.  My wife and I relocated a few years ago and we have not been able to find a really good local pizza shop.  I mean… there aren’t many “bad” pizzas BUT, there are FAR fewer GOOD pizzas and I’m tired of spending $25+ on so-so pizza. Continue reading

How Happiness Is Ruining Your Life

Show of hands, who wants to be happy?

(scans room)

Ok, well… it appears everyone wants to be happy!  The next question is more difficult.  Are you actually happy?  Like right now, are you happy? Continue reading

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