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Wooly Pig Farm Brewery: Amazing Frugal Date Idea

Living in middle-of-no-where Ohio has its pros and cons.  I absolutely love the peace and quiet out here.  I love how nice my neighbors are and also, how few of them exist!  The cons… everything is so FAR AWAY and there aren’t many “hip” local things to do.  When friends come to visit I never feel like I have fun places to take them that aren’t an hour away.

 Well, that has changed!! 

The Wooly Pig Farm Brewery is a craft brewery located in Fresno, Ohio and is conveniently located off of route 16.  The atmosphere is amazing!  Settled in the rolling hills of Ohio, the 90 acre dairy farm turned brewery exudes a peaceful ambiance.  The brew master Keven Ely traveled to Germany and has brought a taste of Bavarian culture back to Ohio and for that, I thank you sir!

The Tasting Room

An old barn that once housed farm equipment has been renovated into a stylish brewery/tasting room.  Old hand-hewn beams and wood planks are noted throughout the tasting room, providing an old world meets 2018 ambiance.  I’m really drawn to this place because I love the “farm” atmosphere.

As you meander around the property you will see many pigs roaming the grounds.  These pigs are called “mangalitsa pigs” and are native to Bavaria.  You’ll also see many different types of hops growing on the property.  Their website  states they grow 12 different types of hops on site and brew their beer with fresh spring water!

The Wooly Pig offers a variety of craft beers, ranging from an IFL (India Farm Lager) to an Original Gose and a plethora of options in-between.  One of the things that stands out about their beer is not many sport a high alcohol content like many other craft breweries.  I’m not a huge fan of extremely strong beer but, I do enjoy a good hoppy IPA.  So, The Wooly Pig smacks my taste buds just right.  One of my favorite beers on tap is the Fruited Gose (pronounced Goes-Uh).  I don’t care if it’s pink, it’s delicious!! Just tart enough but, not overly sour.  Next would be the IFL.

Fruited Gose









Amazing Prices!

The next thing that stood out to me was their prices!  For $5, you can enjoy a ½ liter craft beer!  That is an amazing price and it makes my F.I.R.E brain tingle with joy.  If you’re hungry you can grab a bite at which ever food truck is set up that day.  They list the food trucks on their website if you wish to plan ahead.

For $12.50 (25% tip) I was able to spend over 3 hours enjoying some time with my good friend and making new friends on their outdoor patio.  If you are lucky (and have food nearby) one of their two dogs will come by for a belly rub!  Great beer, great people and an amazing environment.  The Wooly Pig Farm Brewery is a MUST for anyone around Fresno, Ohio.

I know I’ll be making another trip VERY soon

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